Esplanade Workers

Slider Imageson April 30th, 2010Comments Off

The Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay is an awesome Theatre and Concert Hall complex that is the heart of the arts scene here in Singapore. On the 2 glass domes that cover the theater and concert hall are aluminium sunshades, each uniquely shaped and intended for one exact location. It stops a greenhouse effect from heating up the 2 structures, but how do you clean these sunshades in a climate where daily showers will filter the air and deposit any airborne pollution onto these spiky coverings?

Easy – send up a 4-man team of certified rock climbers who tether themselves together to clean the domes on a regular basis. So if you’re lucky when you visit the Esplanade, you might see these guys cleaning their way over the 2 domes of the arts complex.

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