The Soothing Sounds of Asia

Asian Ambiences

Modern Asian cities have become highly developed urban landscapes, their skylines full of the same skycrapers, shopping malls and other buildings found in any other European or American city.

If you listen carefully, or travel far enough into suburbia or even the surrounding natural landscape, you can hear the rich diversity of insects, birds and even plants that are native to that city. These sounds are the mystique of Asia.

Our Asian ambience collections are meticulously gathered, sometimes in the darkest hours of night or the first rays of sun in the morning, so as to limit the intrusion of modern living, to create hour-long ambiences that are perfectly suited as soothing and relaxing background soundtracks for the home or retail space.

We will be releasing these over the next few months, and will include

  • Sunrise
  • Afternoon
  • Night
  • Rain
  • Water Flow
  • Thunderstorm