First Overland Audiobook - digital download or mp3 CD


To purchase the First Overland audiobook, you can choose between the convenience of a digital download via CD Baby / iTunes, or you buy the audiobook in a physical format that you can hold in your hand (or give as a gift!), the mp3 CD version packaged in original artwork.

The price for the digital download audiobook mp3 is US$9.99 from CD Baby and iTunes Music Store. Click the link below to be transferred to your preferred online retailer to complete you purchase.

The price for the physical audiobook mp3 CD is £9.99, approximately US$15, click the paypal button below to make payment via your credit card. Our sales team will dispatch the mp3 audio CD to you within 24 hours from Singapore, the final destination of First Overland.

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our contact form.

Buy the digital download via CD Baby for US$ 9.99!

Buy the digital download via iTunes Music Store for US$ 9.99!

 Buy the First Overland Audiobook mp3 CD for £9.99; Price includes FREE air-mail delivery worldwide.