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Content Creation Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based publisher of non-fiction audiobooks and a sponsor of the Golden Anniversary celebrations that brought the 5 surviving members of the Oxford & Cambridge First Overland Expedition to Singapore, is proud to present the audiobook edition of First Overland.

Antony Barrington Brown (‘BB’), Patrick Murphy and Tim Slessor spent a week narrating First Overland, first released in 1957 and a best-selling inspiration for young men in the 1950s with wanderlust.

Sir David Attenborough recorded his foreword in his home in England. Initially, there was a suggestion that a professional voice actor with a youthful British accent should narrate this audiobook edition, to approximate the Expedition members as they might have sounded 50 years ago.

While this would have produced a perfectly narrated audiobook, it would lack the ‘I-was-there’ flair and bravado that was characteristic of the 6 overlanders. So, though all are in their 70s, the decision was made that the men who were part in this extraordinary journey also be the ones to bring these words to life. For whatever it may occasionally lack in the precision of its delivery, the 6 1/-2hours audiobook edition of First Overland rewards the listener with a heartfelt telling of one of the greatest overland stories ever.

To whet your appetite, listen to Sir David’s foreword for FREE!

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The audiobook of First Overland is available in 2 formats – as a digital download in mp3 format, or an mp3 CD.

With the mp3 CD, you will receive an mp3 CD that has mp3 files, so that the entire 6 1/2-hours of First Overland will fit on one disc. Most CD players manufactured in the last 5 years will be able to play this without a problem, and it will play in any computer’s CD-ROM drive if you have Window Media Player or Apple’s iTunes. If you have an mp3 digital audio player like Apple’s iPod, you’re all set to enjoy First Overland on the move. All you need to do is insert the mp3 audio into your computer and add the included mp3 audio tracks to your music library, synchronize with your mp3 digital audio player and you’re ready to enjoy First Overland.

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