First Overland - The Print Book

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The accolades may span half a century, yet they carry the same sentiment: when it was first released, The Motor said “I think this is the best travel book I have ever read”. On February 12, 2006, looking back at the achievement of 6 men from Oxford and Cambridge, Nigel Blundell of The Sunday Express called it “an epic jungle journey”. First Overland is one of the best selling travel books and to mark the 50th anniversary of the original trip, Signal Books has republished this book for a whole new audience.

Written by Tim Slessor, the Expedition’s article writer, it is a classic travel book that captures the optimistic sense of adventure at a time when crossing the continents of the world was far more challenging than merely visiting a travel agent to book flights.

Most travel bookstores will be able to get you a copy, or you can order this book via Amazon’s online store and have it delivered to you. We would recommend you try the UK site as they tend to have it in stock or at worst, as shorter waiting period before they get more in stock!