FX Collection

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Josh McKible is a Tokyo-based graphic designer who was tasked with coming up with an ‘Asian’ image suitable for a collection of high-resolution asian sound effects intended for sound designers working in TV and film. From that sketchy brief, he created this awesome image, featuring a skyline of iconic structures in Asia as a beautiful face listens on yellow headphones to the sonic soundscapes of Asia.

Alas, this was first commissioned in 2008 for what was expected to be a 10 DVD collection, but with digital distribution and the falling prices of hard drives, the Aural Asia FX collection will eventually be released via various online FX sellers who will offer the sound effects individually and also as a complete collection on a 250GB hard drive that will have 24-bit 96kHz stereo WAV files, 16-bit 48kHz stereo WAV files and 320-kbps stereo mp3 files.

Get in touch with Josh at +81-90-1105-7575