Joss Sticks

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Joss sticks are common in Chinese temples, which give off a distinct aroma, and any day you are in a Chinese temple, you will see joss sticks being burnt. These ones are the more traditional sticks, long and thin, colored either red or yellow (auspicious colors) and are lit and placed in large containers filled with sand so the sticks will stand upright. A devotee will light their joss sticks, make a pray request while bowing, and finally staking them into the sand. The burn times often exceed an hour.


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The national icon of Singapore is the Merlion – part mermaid, part lion, all tourist magnet: the water spout starts up every morning at 06:30am and runs throughout the day. It’s an icon that draws tourists from across the world, and one was heard to comment that since the Marina Bay was now an enclosed water catchment area for Singapore, it was freshwater shooting from the mouth of the merlion: mythical mermaids, and one assumes related legends such as this Merlion, are strictly ocean-going sea water creatures…

Clarke Quay

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The renovated Clarke Quay area saw an ingenious air-conditioning system that incorporated pillars with circular vents blowing cold air out while holding up a clear plastic canopy over the entire area, turning what was once a hot and sweaty location into a unique historic site with the comforts of a shopping mall. Visitors to Clarke Quay jumped 1000% after the renovation, and is now more popular than the adjacent Boat Quay.

Tanjong Pagar Road

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Shallow Depth of Field shot of an old shop proprietor outside his wedding boutique one evening on Tanjong Pagar Road, near Chinatown in Singapore. How shallow? Try f1.2 with a 50mm lens.